Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Norwegian grandmother, born 1883, would now and then
get a box of chocolate from friends and family.
These boxes were kept in a secret place.
When she served chocolate from these boxes, she would always
use the oldest box.
On one occasion my father gave his mother a box of chocolate,
with an enclosed poem, in Norwegian.
(At that time, Vesle-Kari was my father's teenage cousin.)

"Jeg håper at du ei
vil vandre
inn i ditt kammers
og gjemme den der
blant de andre,
for da kan det hende
at jeg er så innmari
og gir bort esken til

Rough literal  translation:
"I hope you will not
into your bedroom
and hide it there
among the others,
because then it may happen
that I become so evil/sly
and I give the box
to Vesle-Kari."

The island in Vansjoe / Vansjø

In the beginning of June a few years aback I was lucky to
join a guided tour of Vansjoe / Vansjø - the lake next to Moss.
The trip itself was very interesting, but what stays with me
in particular, is the visit to an island where we had our
lunch break.
The tranquility.
The mysterious forest.
Walking into that forest.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

An orange tree for Christmas?

On our way through Karlshus in Raade today, suddenly we saw an orange tree in the roundabout.
An orange tree for Christmas?!
Well, whoever put the oranges (or mandarins) on that tree, made us smile on a grey day in December.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Verket - the old houses are being renovated

Verket - the old houses are being renovated

Lately I walked through this area a few times, and
decided I do not know enough about this part of Moss.

So this will definitely be a subject I will study closer
when autumn comes.

In the meantime some of the photos I have taken.

Another oil painting by Oddbjørn Ottesen

Birthday cake for my mom

Baked by my brother.