Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Swedish Christmas custom

 When my mother moved to Norway more than 70 years ago, she brought this paper decoration with her.

It shows its age, but yesterday I put it up in my mother's apartment as a reminder of her Swedish roots and of course of her long life using this decoration here in Norway.

December 18th 2021 Looking towards the Oslofjord from Jeloy, Moss


Walking out from the supermarket yesterday, this is what I saw. :-)
If you look carefully, you will see two of the ferries crossing between Moss and Horten in the background.
Did I tell you that taking that ferry is completely free if you walk onboard or come by bicycle? 
Who would believe  you can travel for free at all in Norway?

Saturday, December 11, 2021

October 2021 Red autumn leaves


The color of the autumn leaves often reminds me of my childhood in Norway.
Red, orange, yellow.
 Then brown.

December 2021 at 8.30 in the morning


With this, I disclose that I am not a big fan of Norwegian winters, even the more moderate ones in Moss, but it does look beautiful on photos!

December 2021 and some snow in Moss


These  bird tracks in the snow, next to a grey wall, reminded me of bird tracks left in the concrete path leading to my house in my second country.
 Those tracks can still be seen. These tracks have probable already disappeared as the temperatures move around zero degree Celsius.

Friday, June 11, 2021

The Seagull family in June

 Around June 4th I thought I could see some small heads above roof line.

On June 6th it turned out that there were three baby chicks, and they were clearly seen standing up in the nest. The parent could now be observed either on the top of the chimney or on the roof.

On June 7th the three ventured out on the roof, with one of the parents watching over them. Somebody coming down our street suddenly found himself under attack by a worried seagull parent.

Today June 11th the three chicks were on the roof again, walking up and down on the sloping roof. Sometimes they curl up for a rest in the middle of the roof.

At night they seem to spend their time in the nest.

Will the three of them one day fly away from the roof?

Around June 20th I observed that there were no seagull chicks on my neighbours' roof. The parents were not there either. What had happened? Had they fallen down? Were they dead?

My house has an enclosed  backyard so imagine  my surprise when I discovered two (not three!) chicks walking around the yard with screaming seagull parents flying over our heads when we venture out. My belief is that it is the same  seagull family that has crossed the street.

The chicks look quite wellfed, and every day look soooo much bigger. Occassionally they rest under the bushes.

The parents' screams are quite annoying and seem to be provoked not only from the presence of humans, but also from birds, including other seagulls.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Update on my neighbors, the Seagull family May 28th

May has been a cold and rainy month, in my opinion,  but all through this, I can see one of the Seagull spouses on this side of the chimney.  Is it only Mrs. Seagull , or do the two of them alternate? I am not sure any more.

Today is a sunny day. 

What I see today is that the seagull is opening her/his  beak again and again, but I cannot hear any sound.

Is this some kind of announcement? Is she/he hungry? Have the chicks hatched? Probably not.

How long does a seagull lie on her eggs? According to one Norwegian website it can be from 22 to 24 days for small seagulls and 26 to 28 days for big seagulls.

That could mean that these chicks will be hatched roughly  between May 30th and June 5th - this if my observation that they started their project on May 8th.