Sunday, February 3, 2008

Immigrant population

VI OVER 60 - yeah, you got that - WE OVER 60, is a monthly magazine I like to read.
Good articles. Useful information presented in a clear way. Interesting facts.
From this month's issue:
Norway has an immigrant population of around 415 000 persons. They come from 200 countries around the world and make up 8.9 % of all Norwegians.
Some came as refugees, some through working in jobs needed in Norway and others through family relations to other immigrants or to Norwegians.
So where do they come from?
Around 54 000 come from the other Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland).
51 000 come from other countries in Western Europe and from North America.
81 000 come from countries in Eastern Europe.
230 000 come from Turkey and countries in Asia, Africa and South America.
Of first generation immigrants, most came from Sweden, Poland and Denmark.
47 % of the immigrant population are Norwegian citizens.
After the possibility to immigrate to Norway as needed workers stopped in 1975, the number of refugees from non-Western countries increased.
Also, after Poland joined the EU, there has been a strong increase in immigration from Poland.
Some things I am curious about:
Out of the 450 000, how many were born in Norway?
Out of the 230 000 immigrants from Turkey and countries in Asia, Africa and South America - how is the division between those four areas?
The 53 % of immigrants who are NOT Norwegian citizens, what citizenship do they hold, according to the geographical areas mentioned earlier?
How many hold more than one citizenship?

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